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S(o)OS D5.1 - State of the Art - Executive Summary

This document provides an overview of the current state of the art in both industrial practice and academic research in the areas of parallel and massively parallel systems, as well as the support for such platforms at the Operating System (OS) and programming levels. From the survey presented in this document, it is evident that most of the existing work undertakes an incremental approach, in which new OS features, kernel architecture and programming models build mainly upon existing and widely used technologies. Only a few of the presented works try to rethink and redesign from scratch the software stack that is needed in order to exploit parallelism to the degree that will be available on future computing many-core platforms. From the perspective of the S(o)OS project, the latter ones are the approaches that need to be more deeply investigated. In fact, the research that will be carried out in the project will move along such innovative directions of action.
The problem of such long-term approaches thereby consist mainly in the dynamic development, making long-term assessments uncertain and hence risky. Such  short-term and long-term developments are discussed in more detail in D5.2 “Definition of Future Requirements” [86]. Accordingly, D5.1 and D5.2 together form the basis over which the research undertaken in the context of the S(o)OS project will further investigate.
This document constitutes the output of the S(o)OS Project Tasks T2.1, T3.1, T4.1 and T5.1 on “State of the Art Assessment”.


S(o)OS Deliverable D5.1 - State of the Art.

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